Car Suspension and Shock Absorbers in Truro

Car Suspension and Shock Absorbers in Truro

Your car’s suspension system is a series of complex components designed to work together to control vibrations and imperfections in a road surface and deliver a comfortable driving experience. It’s great having highly efficient brakes and tyres – but they still need to maximise the contact footprint with the road as effectively as possible. Worn shock absorbers can potentially add up to 2 metres when stopping sharply.

Most suspension components include coil springs and shock absorbers. The springs smooth the ride out and the shock absorbers work in unison with them to dampen down the springiness and cushion the vehicle from potholes and imperfections in the road. This maintains vehicular stability and keep your tyres as firmly planted as possible. A healthy suspension system is critical to maintain the optimum comfort, stability and handling characteristics of your vehicle.

Whilst we can fit original equipment shock absorbers, our staff have immense experience with suspension upgrades. Whether it is just 15mm lowering kits or coilover kits, feel free to contact us with your requirements and we can offer professional and friendly advice.

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