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We aim to retain our customers for life, with immense care and time taken changing tyres on your usually expensive alloy wheels – we ensure the perfect tyre change every time.

Tyres up to 22 inches can be changed by our high specification equipment.

We stock a wide range of leading premium, mid-range and budget car tyre brands including:
Michelin, Pirelli, Avon, Dunlop, Continental & Goodyear.

Tyre Sizes Explained

Vehicle tyre size are normally shown in the form “185/65R15 88H”. You can find this size on the side wall of your existing tyre, or in the vehicles handbook.

  •  The first number, in this case “185”, is the width of the tyre at it’s widest point, in millimeters.
  • The next number, shown here as “65”, is the ratio of the tyres sidewall height to the width of the tyre, shown as a percentage. In this case the sidewall height would be 65% of the width.
  • The “R” stands for radial, if there is no letter then it is a cross ply tyre.
  • The third number after the R, in this example “15”, is the diameter of the wheel the tyre is designed to fit, in inches (yes, tyre sizes are a combination of metric and imperial units!)

Tyre load ratings

The next part, “88H”, denotes the load and speed ratings. The number is the load rating and the letter is the speed rating.

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