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Poor wheel alignment is one of the premier causes of premature tyre wear. However, it’s not only the front wheels that can go out of alignment – rear wheels can be too.

As well as increased fuel economy and potentially smoother handling and steering, correct wheel alignment will extend the life of your tyres and help to reduce wear and tear on your car.

How do you know if your wheels are out of alignment?

Wheel alignment needs to be checked by us professionals – however – some symptoms of incorrect alignment can include the feeling of your car pulling to one side when you’re driving, or premature and irregular wearing across the width of your tyres.

What causes incorrect alignment?

It is remarkably easy to knock a car wheel out of  alignment. Things like accidentally hitting the kerb or thudding through a large pothole in the road can cause symptoms – as well as travelling regularly on bumpy uneven and gravelly road surfaces….


Wheel alignment can be measured in 3 ways:

Toe In or Toe Out – checks how parallel the wheels are in relation to one another when viewed from above. Toe in or Toe out causes excessive tyre wear, symbolised by scrubbed or worn inner and or outer edges of the tyre tread pattern.

Camber – is the angle of the wheel in when measured against the road, when viewed from the front. Ensuring an optimum camber setting means that your tyres are vertical to the road. Again, incorrect settings can cause prematurely worn tyre edges.

Caster – checks the angle of steering pivot when viewed from the side of the vehicle. This particular adjustment can be limited on some particular cars and incorrect caster settings don’t necessarily cause uneven or excessive wear on your tyres, however, it is still vitally important to ensure the caster is correctly balanced and equal on both sides of the car to avoid any potential pitfall sand problems with straight line stability and reduce the pressure on steering components.


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