Brake check services in Truro

Brake check services in Truro

How would you protect your family if your car’s brakes failed?

An unthinkable situation – but it COULD happen if your vehicle’s brakes were insufficient…

Here at Truro Tyre Centre, we can inspect and advise on your vehicle’s braking performance, to ensure that you and your passengers are in the very best hands.

If braking efficiency is below what is expected for your car, it can also fail it’s MOT test.

Brakes wear at different rates depending on vehicle type, parts specifications and driving style, so it is essential to know how your vehicle performs. Checks can identify any potential problems before they affect your vehicle’s braking ability.

If you notice any unusual noises or vibration when braking – or excessive brake pedal travel, it is vital to get your car checked without delay.

Any necessary remedial work is carried out by qualified technicians and at the most competitive prices around.

Truro Tyre Centre. You'll never tire of our prices!